Mathematical Problems for Users
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Calculus Programming

This section contain popular math equations for engineers & scientists. You may modify their source code to solve a math problem your interested in and submit it to us for compilation & execution, for free. We will e-mail the output file back to you.

If interested, you may then modify one of these webpages and e-mail it to us. If approved, we will post it in our /math-solutions/ directory.

Enjoy learning Calculus-level Programming!

Heat Equation Problems Heat Equation Maxwell's Equation Problems Maxwell's Equation
Poisson's Equation Problems Poisson's Equation Schrodinger Equation Problems Time-independent Schrodinger Equation
Wave Equation Problems Wave Equation Telegraph Equation Problem Telegraph Equation Problem
Parameter Estimation Problems Parameter Estimation Problems Implicit Equation Problems Implicit Equation Problems
Boundary Value Problem Boundary Value Problems

Enhance engineering & science productivity through usage of Calculus Programming. Leave the numerical coding/work to the compiler while you concentate on your math model/equations accuracy.

Empower your teams with Calculus programming and watch their productivity improve!

Textbook Authors
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Calculus Programming in your next textbook.

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With a Calculus-level language, a user is concerned with a math model, initial conditions, constraints, and an objective (function). The necessary solvers are provided by a library. A few runs/executions and the user will have a solution.

Solved in a few hours, right? Problem over? Not really. This is where a user will realize that his/her math model is probably lacking something. Give the user a few months OR years to update the model properly and then call it a great solution for the given math model.

Want to tweak some parameters? Calculus programming makes it simple to do.

Calculus-level languages can solve implicit, non-linear, constrained, any order, any degree, etc. problem. Download our FC-Compiler program for some 60+ example problems with source code and solution output files. FC-Compiler allows a user to find a problem source code, edit it, and submit it for execution.

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