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Book for CEOs: Company Goal?  The CEO book is for CEOs!
Engineering Design Optimization using Calculus ... Professors & Students  "Engineering ... Students" book is for Professors and Students; and
Engineering Design Optimization ... Casebook Approach  "Engineering Design Optimization using Calculus ..." book is for all others (standard version).

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Engineering Design Optimization using Calculus ... (300 kb)

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Engineering Design Optimization using Calculus ...

Engineering Design Optimization using Calculus ... 4 Professors & Students

Book for CEOs: Company Goal?

Industry Problems included in our Textbooks:

"Engineering ..." Titled Books

Book for CEOs

Math problems in need of a Solution?

Tweak Parameters?

20+ Example Problems most with Solutions.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro
Oil Refinery: a success story. Built competition amongst employees. Increased production of some products, e.g. Black Gold!

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Health/Drug simulation of Math Model as one searches for a cure to a health problem like cancer.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro
Goal-Driven Management.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Filter Designing: Try it (source included), Modify it, and Build it. The transfer function, H(w), with all the Poles and Zeroes that one wants, will be found. You decide the type of filter you want designed. This example is a Matched Filter that was written in a day.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Plane Crash Site Locator: locates crash site using a Reverse Drift model.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Readback Pulse from a Magnetic Recording: finds a good math model for a digital data sequence. Our model consists of a series of Lorentz functions. It fit practical data from Thin-Film-Heads, real well. Pulse Model helped in testing various code patterns in order to minimize Pattern-Induced-Bit-Shift. Have a model you want to try?.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Inverse Problems: shows how to solve them in minutes.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Nesting Solvers: many example problems and soultions are included. Shows how one problem can be a Sub-problem of another problem; e.g. maximize company profit, may require a model for division and all projects.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Implicit and Explicit Differential Equations: shows how to solve them in minutes.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Boundary and Initial Value Problems: shows how to solve them in minutes.

Calculus-level Programming, Intro

Tweaking Parameters: shows how hundreds of equations may have their parameters tweaked in a single run.

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Increasing Productivity Examples: AC Motor Design - Matched Filters - Pulse Slimming / InterSymbol Interference - Pilot (safe) Ejection - PharmacoKinetics Simulation - Poisson's (Differential) Equation - Schrodinger (Differential) Equation - BVP 4 PDE Equations - Implicit (Differential) Equations