For starters, we recommend downloading both FC-Compiler.exe and CurvFit.exe apps. CurvFit is a 'Calculus-level' demo app. Install CurvFit and run some demos (click 'demos' on main menu) to get an idea of what we mean by 'Calculus-level' app; no Numerical Methods just solutions. It is hoped that this app will get you thinking about some problem that you could solve with the aide of our FC-Compiler app.

The FortranCalculus language will save users over 90% in development time AND their solutions will be optimal! So, please take your time in viewing the FC website and all the features it is trying to describe. Calculus-level software is the way of the future. :)

You should be automatically redirected to the FC website in 22 seconds. If not, please click the link above.