User's Wave Equation

Wave Equation

2 U = Utt / ν2

Wikipedia comments: "The wave equation is an important second-order linear partial differential equation for the description of waves - as they occur in physics - such as sound waves, light waves and water waves. It arises in fields like acoustics, electromagnetics, and fluid dynamics. Historically, the problem of a vibrating string such as that of a musical instrument was studied by Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Leonhard Euler, Daniel Bernoulli, and Joseph-Louis Lagrange."

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User's Wave Equation Source Code:

For 1-Dimensional Wave Equation use following:

      global all
      problem WavePDE
C ------------------------------------------------------------------------
C --- Calculus Programming example: Wave Equation; a PDE Initial
C --- Value Problem solved using Method of Lines.
C ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        dynamic U, Ut, Utt
C User parameters ...
!        v = ???	             ! velocity?
!        ipoints = 21          ! grid pts. over x-axis
!        tFinal =  1           ! final time
C x-parameter initial settings: x ==> i
!        xFinal =  1:     ip = ipoints:   dx= xFinal/(ipoints-1)
C t-parameter initial settings: t ==> m
        pi = 4*atan(1):    tPrint=tFinal/ip
        allot U(ip), Ut(ip), Utt(ip)
        call tAxis      !
      end               ! Stmt.s not necessary in IVP, but used in BVP versions
      model tAxis       !
C ... Integrate over t-axis
        t= 0:    tPrt = tPrint:      dt = tPrt / 10
        Initiate janus;  for PDE;
     ~       equations Utt/Ut, Ut/U;  of t;  step dt;  to tPrt
        do while (t .lt. tFinal)
          Integrate PDE;  by janus
          if( t .ge. tPrt) then
            print 79, t, (U( ij), ij = 1, ip)
            tPrt = tPrt + tPrint
          end if
        end do
 79     format( 1h , f8.4, 3x, 20(g14.5, 1x))
      model PDE                         ! Partial Differential Equation
C                                       ! Method of Lines
!        U(1) = U0:      Ut(1)=0:     Utt(1)=0    ! Initial Conditions
        do 20 ij = 2, ipoints-1         ! System of ODEs
          Uxx = (U(ij+1)-2*U(ij)+U(ij-1))/(dx*dx)  !4 2nd order in 'x'
          Utt(ij)= v**2 * Uxx		    ! Wave equation
 20     continue
!        Ut(ip)= ???:        Utt(ip)= ???   ! Final conditions
      Fmodel U0(xx)       ! Initial starting values @ t = 0
!        if( xx .le. 0) then
!          U0 = 0
!        elseif( xx .lt. .5 ) then
!          U0 = ... f(xx)
!          U0 = 0

User's Wave Equation Output:

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